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How to make money on Betfair trading and laying sports events

7 lessons to start earning real money right away with little cash and no risk.

Vacations? Fancy cars? Great properties? Or are you worried about medical bills and retirement? Or do you just need to pay your way through college or bring up a child?


Successful sports traders have it all and more. An absolutely fantastic stress free fun filled lifestyle in the full knowledge that all our financial needs are met. We can trade anytime from just about anywhere in the world. There is little risk* and you can easily start with 100 dollars or similar. You too can change your life right now by starting to lay or trade on sports events. Using and applying my 7 easy lessons you can start trading profitably right away. Very little money is needed so anyone can join. You do not need a lot of education either. Just common sense.

#1. Understand, and grasp the true potential of sports trading. Work the figures until you can really see and buy into what sports trading can mean to you. This will motivate and inspire you to do what is necessary.

#2. Exit from every single trade at a profit. Until you can do this do not trade with anything above the minimum stakes. If you not even grasp how this can be done do not trade at all. Go back to school.

#3. Leave your emotions outside your trading. But bad emotions – like fear of loss, disappointment with low returns, impatience and reckless urges are all caused by the same thing. Lack of technique. There is no need to be a Zen Buddhist! Just learn how to trade professionally. Trade properly and your emotional state will be fantastic automatically.

#4. Choose one sport and a couple of types of trade and stick to them. Butterflys never succeed. Unless you already are a successful trader and have some compelling reason then trade tennis matches. Nothing else. If you do not understand why tennis is a good market then you need to find out now.

#5. Do the math. Understand the math behind your trades. Work hard on percentages too. If you take 5/10 percent on every trade 3 to 10 times a day what does that mean to you?

#6. Forget the money. When you start put aside all thoughts of profit. Concentrate on avoiding loss and honing your trading techniques.

#7. Learn the market. When you start spend 10 times as much time watching and following markets as you do trading. Don’t paper trade even. Just watch and learn.

I really hope this helps you to focus and get your mind set right to make the choice to join successful traders on their fantastic journey to a better life. This article is a work in progress. Why not bookmark and pop back soon.

* A properly executed trade carries no risk at all of a loss of any size. The small risks in trading are by not applying or misapplying a few very simple techniques.

Useful Resources for making money by trading sports events

Online Betting Guide This is a very handy primer on the basics of betfair trading.

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