The Betfair Tennis Trader

Cleaning up without getting out of my boxer shorts.


Hi. Welcome to my world. I am a full time professional Betfair sports trader. I want to share my world with the small but growing numbers of people who are hooked on the fun and profits to be made in successful sports trading. Check out my quick guide to get you started: How to make money trading sports events on Betfair..

I only trade tennis which is the easiest and most profitable sport by far. By inclination and practise I use the trading technique commonly called swing trading. This suits my needs and my temperament. More importantly it brings me huge amounts of bling in an enjoyable stress free way. You may have a different style. I will be devoting space to all of the basic trades in this blog and we can compare them. But for me only swing trading is the real deal.

Many traders from all over the world use Betfair, the UK’s internet betting exchange which now has offices in Malta. For a great guide to getting started at Betfair try BF Guide. Please note that unfortunately using Betfair is unlawful in some jurisdictions.


  1. Hi,

    great site first of all…

    I am also a tennis trader at betfair – one question to your article i read: You said in your post “you can never be broken” ? how this – if you trade tennis then you have to trade in play and in play many things can happen… if you only use 3% of your bank and the trade gone wrong you have to increase your liability to trade out or take you the lose and move to the next game?
    Or do you how such a big bank that you trade with only 1% and get a good return?

    good luck

    Comment by paul | May 26, 2009 | Reply

  2. Hi,

    Interesting site, i´ve started to trade in the last few month of the 09 season and still learning how markets develop to make a good run in the new season. one thing i haven´t quiet figure out yet is how much (in %) of my bankroll I put in one trade. should i put 10 % of bankroll 5% or even only 1 % ?

    it would be nice to hear some thoughts from you about it.

    best regards


    Comment by harry | December 3, 2009 | Reply

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