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Tennis Trading Tip #1

Learning how to get out of poor positions is even more important than learning how to make money. Master the former and the money follows automagically

Lets not get into traders versus gamblers. We all want to make money in the sport. But many of our difficulties in learning how to trade have their roots in our gambling psycholgy. Not only that but everything we learnt about odds, value and markets is reversed in play. Thus faced with a poor situation many new comers freeze or panic. This post is meant to help you get over that.

Training, practise and maths is the key. For every trade we need to know the exit possibilities if it goes pear shaped. These need study or figuring out on a pad in relaxed moments. In play the stress can make it impossible to think clearly.

Example. Lets say you plunged on a cert lol like Safin early doors at 1.5. Some time later it occurred to you that far from winning 50 you were quite likely to lose 100. You now need to reverse course. The main skill is to understand that if you go red it does not mean that you are going to pay at the end of the match. There is still time on our side. Once you recognise that it is far easier to adapt the mindset to change tack. So our Safin bet. What to do when he is behind? Easy. Lay 75 at 2.0. But do it early. You now have 25 red on both sides.

Instead of staring at 100 loss you are looking at 25 loss. Furthermore if 100 was your full bank you still have 75 to play with. Back the winner with 75 at anything over 1.33 and you are home free. Its simple. It just about moving money from below to above the line.

Remember as long as your green is on the winner when the match ends – you win! Where the red or green was a minute earlier or 4 sets earlier makes no difference. We get settled at the end of the match. Not in play. Thank God. LOL.

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  1. hi

    that’s right if you have a green on the winning player and he win you win but i myself prefer to have green on both players – you know it is sport and in sports impossible things can happen…
    like safin game yesterday there were big swing on both side and a very dramatic end in my opinion. at the end the odds movement was so big that you would’t get a good price if you wanted to change the side because every point can win the game in this cause – and now you cannt say that your are trading now your are gambling…
    in stead of backing the winning player at the odds 1.33 you can also lay safin with a small amount that you get a green on ouanna…

    Comment by paul | May 28, 2009 | Reply

  2. sure
    i love green on both lol
    but the safin backers were in serious difficulty yesterday
    they could have exited earlier before the price gyrations.
    by the time they woke up getting 2 greens was very difficult.
    it was a mugs gamble to start with.

    Comment by thetennistrader | May 28, 2009 | Reply

  3. whats happen if safin instead take the control again after you backed the other player at 1.33…a terrible lost..

    Comment by john | August 2, 2010 | Reply

  4. Exactly John… Tennis is a game where it can swing backwards and forwards many times… and its impossible to call… if it was that easy everyone would just wait until you could see who was going to win and then start popping the trades in…

    Comment by Paul Betfair Trader Brown | July 4, 2012 | Reply

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