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Betfair Tennis Trade #3

Quiet day with not much on before the French. Lesson for the day: Odds. lol. I never take a price offered. Waiting to be matched can allow us time and space to think and see if the thing is going in our favour. Then I enter my trade on any type of minor set back for the player I want to back or vice versa on the lay. This tactic is at the root of nearly all my profits. Picking the winner is not difficult part way through a match. The art is to get in at advantageous odds and cream of 10% every single time by entering the trade on a spike.

Which brings me to todays trade in the Warsaw Open. Bondarenko is at 1.21 and Dulgheru at 5.6. A punter would plunge straight on to the very strongly fancied Bonarenko. Not me. Dulgheru is good, tough, ambitious and determined and conditions suit her. Boradenko is in my view not likely to win today in 2 sets. I am laying the 2-0 (1.62) and taking profits as they come. Alona only needs to get in temporary trouble in one set and we are right on the money.

Less than four games gone and the 2-0 set lay on Bordarenko is gyrating wildly. I exited at 2.2 for a 100% profit.

Update Second Set
Lay Bondarenko at 1.33

RESULT: The strongly fancied Bondie in to 1.25 at one point was duly annihilated to tears and drama as predicted here. Good win with two clearly defined and indicated trades. LMAO.

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  1. Hello thetennistrader , I´m watching your blog and its very interesting. Do you have any goal?

    Comment by Jason | June 3, 2009 | Reply

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