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Betfair Daily Tennis Trade #2

Not too heavy today. With the French Open days away anything can happen.
But for trading purposes I am backing Bondarenko (1.24) in Warsaw and laying Youzhny in the Austrian Open (1.42).
Ready to trade out or flip flop as always lol.

Update #1:
Youzhny is hitting 1.9 already. I have greened up.

Update #2
In betting terms its all over for Youzhny facing first set loss. Layers can close out at 2.3 for a mighty profit of 220%.

RESULTS: Both winners. Youzhny tanked as expected for the lay. Bondarenko won in two sets.n

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  1. Hi, Very interesting and inspirational advice , I trade tennis in a small way hoping to do more and increase stakes,gaining experience every day . Any further advice or posts would be great . Thanks, Jacqui

    Comment by jacqui | June 26, 2009 | Reply

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