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Americans are missing out!

US citizens are banned from taking part in the biggest financial bonanza for the ordinary man the world has ever seen.

pyramidIn my opinion, and it is one shared by many, Betfair is the greatest achievement in the history of mankind. It is right up there with building the Great Pyramid, landing on the moon and splitting the atom! Put simply Betfair is a money making machine. You virtually put 10 dollar bills in at one end and 20 dollar bills come out of the other. It is as though alchemists had turned base metal into gold. It is like a card to an ATM machine with unlimited funds. We just go there any time we want and fill right up. Successful Betfair sports traders are simply awash with cash. Never mind regular income. Or enough for luxuries like new cars and vacations. These guys make more money than drug dealers! But it is all a quite legit, and quite legal, multi billion dollar business. Even better- no one gets whacked if they make too much money lol. But – in one of life’s great ironies – legislation in the US prohibits US citizens from joining the fun. LMAO. The great United States which is built on an open ended commitment to capitalism and free enterprise bans its own citizens from making money in this way. I would guess that quite a few folk from the US are now contact urgently relatives in the rest of the world!

May 15, 2009 - Posted by | Betfair

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