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The First Principle of Tennis Trading on Betfair

The first commandment of sports trading! Follow this simple rule and profit mightily.

I have a very small number of principles which I employ consistently for regular trading profits on tennis matches at Betfair. I employ them in my trades and as I develop and test new trades.  And the first principle is the greatest of them all. It is a rule really. Or even a commandment. And here it is. Do not lose money. That seems elementary but it is not. Before you can become a successful trader and make profits you need to understand, to learn and to practise how to trade without losing money. I will return later to develop this single principle further. We need to understand it. Embrace it. And live by it. The markets are like the sea or the air. In the air you can crash. In the sea you can sink. The first step to proceeding smoothly is to ensure that neither of those two events occurs. Generally that means, training, procedures and discipline. Without them all our dreams are just that. Dreams. Worse than that we are only half a step short of catastrophe. We are professional traders. We must cast aside our emotions and be hardheaded. But we need to recognise the reality of our environment. A foolish or inexperienced trader will lose money consistently or even suffer catastrophic losses wiping out the trading bank. The art is to come through your training and development process in one piece. That means three things. Learning. Patience. And Practise.

May 13, 2009 - Posted by | Tennis Trading Strategy.

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